Virtual Visits

Virtual visits (Telemedicine) will allow our team to provide medical advise to our established clientele through video conferencing. This will allow us to reduce the risk of human disease transmission while continuing to provide great care for our patients.  

Virtual office visits (telemedicine) is not appropriate for all our pets’ medical needs. However, there are circumstances where video conferencing can be adequate. Here are some examples when a virtual visit can be helpful:

  1. General medical questions
  2. To determine if an in-person visit is needed
  3. Behavioral problems
  4. Nutritional consultation
  5. To evaluate response to treatment after an in-person visit
  6. Postoperative follow-up
  7. Long term care monitoring / Hospice
  8. Certain dermatologic concerns

To access our telemedicine service please call to set up an appointment. We are providing several different applications to make this easiest for everyone. Our staff can help determine if a virtual visit is appropriate and which application is best for you. Please bear with us as we develop this service.

Here are 5 ways to prepare for a successful virtual visit:

  1. Find the right location- it is best if it is well lit and quiet. Minimizing distractions is key. Watch out for bright background light. Being able to see clearly and hear you well will allow us to provide the best advice.
  2. Be prepared with as much information as you can provide. We rely on you to help us understand what is going on. Please think about the duration of the problem. How has it progressed? What diet are you feeding? What social interactions has your pet had?
  3. Practicing with your pet can be helpful. Hold up your device and see how your pet reacts. This can help desensitize them to this type of visit.  
  4. Confine your pet to the area the video conference will occur. This will prevent your pet from hiding or running away.
  5. Have treats and toys available to encourage your pet during the appointment.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns we are happy to help. Please email or call us at (802)-879-7984.

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