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  • Sep 21 2023

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    Hair everywhere! Tips for keeping your home clean with pets

    As much as we love our pets, they can be messy. They can track in dirt, have accidents, knock things over - and shed more hair than seems possible. It’s worth it in the end, for the joy and…

  • Sep 14 2023

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    Budget-Friendly Pet Care

    As any pet owner knows, caring for a pet can be expensive. These days, everything seems to cost more, and as your own costs of living increase, so do the costs of caring for your pet. Add up pet food,…

  • Sep 07 2023

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    September is Animal Pain Awareness Month

    Recognizing that our pets may be in pain can be difficult. A pet that experiences acute (or sudden) pain may cry out, but how do you know what’s hurting? And a pet experiencing chronic pain may not…

  • Aug 24 2023

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    Back to School Prep for your Pet

    It seems like summer has only just started, yet it’s almost time for back to school! Back to school supplies are on the shelves as families prepare for the new school year. Whether you’re a…

  • Aug 17 2023

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    August 22 is Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

    Recent studies have shown that more than half the cats in the US have not been seen by a veterinarian within the past year for a wellness visit! And 50% of cat owners feel that a visit to the…

  • Aug 10 2023

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    August 15 is Check the Chip Day!

    No, not potato chips – but microchips, the chips used for identification if a pet becomes lost! …

  • Aug 03 2023

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    10 Summer Safety Tips for Pets

    Summertime brings so many fun, outdoor activities that your pets can enjoy with you. It’s important to keep pets safe though, particularly with the extreme temperatures some areas are experiencing…