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Curbside Care

We are still providing curbside care. This will allow us to reduce the risks of human disease transmission while continuing to provide great care for our patients.  

The risk of the pandemic persists. For this reason we are still limiting access to our hospital. It is vital that we limit interactions to keep you all safe. It is impossible to maintain adequate social distancing within an exam room experience. We appreciate your understanding. We continue to consider special circumstances that necessitate in person visits, like end of life situations.

Here is what to expect when you visit our hospital for examination:

  1. Please call or email ahead to set up an appointment time.
  2. When you arrive in our parking area please text us at (802) 879-7984 to let us know you have arrived. Then a team member will come to your car to bring the patient into the hospital. 
  3. We ask that you stay in your car while your pet is inside the hospital. Please be assured your beloved pet will receive the same loving care they always do. We realize this will be a different experience for them as well and we will use food treats and positive reinforcement to ensure they are happy.
  4. Once the doctor has performed a complete physical examination they will contact you by phone to discuss findings, recommend a treatment plan, and address any further concerns you may have. Please be sure your phone can receive calls with no caller ID. Diagnostics and procedures will not be performed without specific consent.
  5. Once the office visit is complete we will again contact you to collect payment over the phone and return the patient to your car.

Here is what to expect when dropping off a lab sample:

  1. Please text from our parking area when you arrive.
  2. A member of our team will then collect payment over the phone and pick the sample up from you in your car.

Here is what to expect when picking up a prescription:

  1. Please text, call or email to request a prescription.
  2. When you arrive to pick up the medication please text us at (802) 879-7984
  3. A member of our team will then collect payment over the phone and drop the prescription off to you in your car.
  • We are now also offering to mail or deliver for non-urgent prescription.

Here are some guidelines that will ensure a great experience:

  1. All communication between River Cove’s team members and clients will occur via the phone. We ask that you do not hold any conversations face to face outside.
  2. If you are sick please stay home and send another person from your household to the appointment if possible.
  3. All pets must be on a leash or in a carrier. NO exceptions. We also ask that prior to passing a dog from the car to our care team we apply a slip leash over their head for added safety. 
  4. Please only bring pets in your car that need to be evaluated or receive care through a scheduled appointment. 
  5. If your dog is anxious and has a tendency to run from the car please inform us so we can plan accordingly to keep your pet safe.
  6. We will allow exceptions for end of life decisions.

We want to assure you that we are taking every precaution to minimize contamination from the coronavirus. The risk of infectious animal disease transmission is always present when you care for pets. That is why we have rigorous cleaning regiments and isolation routines to keep our patients safe. This has not changed. With that said we are taking greater precaution to prevent the transmission of human disease to ensure our client’s and team’s safety. Curbside care is the best way to continue to provide exceptional care while keeping us all safe.

We want our community to know that they can rest assured that their pets medical needs will be met by River Cove Animal Hospital. We have been here for you for nearly 40 years and we will continue to be here for you.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns we are happy to help. Please email rivercove@rivercove.net or call us at (802)-879-7984.